Maggie Eckford / Ruelle

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  • After her haunting electronic songs found their way onto television shows like Revenge, Sleepy Hollow, Reckless, and DaVinci’s Demons, Maggie Eckford decided to bring them all together in an EP under the new artist name “Ruelle”. While the songs were written and arranged with various producers, they all contain her mesmerizing vocals accompanied by dark, cinematic undertones and catchy melodic hooks. “Up in Flames”, co-written and produced with Sam Tinnesz and Matt Bronleewe, sets a strong tone for Ruelle and has caught the attention of many music supervisors and television viewers with it’s dramatic edge and climactic production.

    Ruelle is just the beginning of an exciting new direction for Maggie, who has previously released two indie pop/rock records as well as been featured on the Nashville Indie Spotlight album in 2014. During her past two years writing for Razor and Tie Music Publishing, Maggie has developed an immense versatility and chameleon-like ability to tackle multiple genres. It’s no surprise that her catalogue has generated success via multiple other film/television avenues, including the following: The Ringer, Degrassi, a Japanese iPad commercial, a 2014 Winter Olympics promo, Late Night with Seth Meyers, an NFL promo,The Fosters, and many more. While songwriting has been her main gig over the past couple years, Maggie is excited to switch gears into artist mode again and work with such a talented and diverse team of writers and producers. This first collection of songs inaugurates an inspiring and experimental era for Ruelle, as they intend to continue writing and developing within this vein of electronic, moody, and screen-friendly music.

  • LocationNashville, TN
  • GenreElectronic / Pop
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