Koko LaRoo

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  • Koko LaRoo’s raw talent, unique melodies, and gorgeous vocals are qualities that have helped to establish her as a highly regarded pop songwriter.

    Ever since Koko was a little girl, she always gravitated towards music. She loved to sing in church and around the house. She taught herself how to play guitar and piano and wrote her first song when she was only 12 years old. It was at that moment she realized she wanted to do this for the rest of her life; sing and create songs that come from the heart.

    Being raised in a musical Los Angeles home was really inspiring to Koko. Her mom is a singer, her dad plays piano and saxophone, her sister plays piano, and her brother plays piano, bass, guitar, and drums. She says that “growing up watching her mom sing is the reason [she] can hold a note today.” I loved watching her because she always looked SO happy when she’d be singing. I wanted to be just like her (as well as Whitney Houston – lol)!”

    Koko grew up listening to Whitney, Mariah, Celine Dion, MJ, Boys II Men, and Brandy, among others, all of which really inspired her as a songwriter. When she got older, she started paying close attention to Diane Warren; researching her songs and studying her writing style as further inspiration.

    It took a lot of passion to get where she is today; writing as often as possible, playing her material live, taking vocal lessons, and always focusing on honing her craft. Eventually, all of that hard work lead to her current manager finding her songs online, and that’s when she really felt her career take off.

    Koko has since co-written and been a featured artist on a number of dance/pop singles released over the past couple of years such as Felix Cartal’s “Young Love” and “After Dark”, as well as Cole Plante, Myon & Shane54’s “Lie To Me”.

    Today, Koko spends every day writing and collaborating with some of the most talented artists, producers, and topliners around. 2016 promises to be her most successful year yet with several upcoming Top 40 single releases on the horizon.

  • LocationLos Angeles, CA
  • GenrePop