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Joe Causey

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  • Nashville-based songwriter-producer Joe Causey has a refreshing approach to offer creative collaborators that enables them to transform their big-picture artistic visions into songs that feel authentic and have broad resonance.

    “For me, the writing and production mindsets go hand in hand. It’s like an ‘endgame philosophy’ where I think through the track, envisioning the entire sonic landscape, and then build it as a songwriter and a producer.”

    Joe Causey’s professional career spans working with artists such as the Colony House and Jillian Edwards, and fulfilling briefs for film and TV placements where’s he’s had placements on MTV, ABC Family, among other networks. Joe frequently creates across genres, spanning indie rock, Americana, pop, soul, and rock n’ roll. His fluid musicality—Joe is a producer, engineer, mixer, multi-instrumentalist, string arranger, editor, and commercial composer for film and TV—has enabled him to work in diverse settings.

    Joe’s studio demeanor also helps to bolster quality and productivity. “I like a deflated environment where no one feels like they have to prove anything. I focus on the end product and making something great together.   I feel like you get there faster if you’re open and humble,” Joe explains.

    At the core of his artistic ideals is his understanding of the pop music that shaped contemporary culture like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, and Motown and his unique gift for channeling that organic purity into modern, and commercially appropriate, musical works.

    Joe grew up in a family of music educators, and the soundtrack of his childhood was the kaleidoscopic sound of early rock n’ roll. At a young age, he became fascinated by the studio and quickly made that medium his creative focus.  “Once I started recording, I fell in love with the process. I would do terrible things in the studio, and then methodically figure out what went wrong,” he says with a good-natured laugh. After graduating college with a music degree and a minor in business, Joe decided to pursue his true passion and work at recording studios. “Music kept chasing me. I couldn’t shake how much I loved it,” he confides.

    “It’s surreal to do what you love for a living,” Joe explains, reflecting back on his path. “When I think of my career highlights, what comes to mind is the pure satisfaction of the recording process and all the growth I’m going to experience ahead as I explore my craft.”

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