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  • For 17 years, Gabe Scott-composer, sideman extraordinaire, and producer-has been highly sought after for being the musical equivalent of a Swiss Army knife. His astounding multi-instrumental skills have provided the right tools to enhance the music of legions of artists, both onstage and in the studio. Now, he’s channeling his diverse talents into composing for film and TV, co-writing, and producing.

    Scott’s musicality transcends instruments and genres-he can authentically inhabit a wide variety of stylistic worlds, including pop, country, rock, traditional acoustic music, and edgy experimental rock. He’s worked with such diverse artists as Passion, David Crowder, and Bebo Norman. One of his career highlights has been producing Bebo Norman’s critically acclaimed retirement record, Lights of Distant Cities (BEC Recordings).

    His current career focus on studio creativity stems from two defining moments: One occurred when he composed music from the heart as a gesture of healing to a couple that tragically lost their twin children. The poignant and profound music he composed ended up in artist and tastemaker Chris Tomlin’s hands where it opened many doors for Scott as a writer and producer. Parallel to this, the second epiphanic moment occurred when Scott’s wife suggested he set up a home studio so he could document his ideas anytime he felt inspired. “That was really pivotal for me, it opened up a whole new world,” he affirms.

    In this fresh and fertile era of creativity, Scott has discovered his passion and talent for film and TV composing. “I love the whole process: Getting the ad brief with some adjectives and a concept, and then writing, producing, mixing, and mastering something by the end of the day. It’s exhilarating, and it allows me to express myself vividly,” he says.

    Scott is also growing his profile as a co-writer and a producer. “I love those intangible magical moments of creating beautiful music with other people,” he says. “Those moments are so unique because the music coming out of those sessions could only come from the combination of the people in that session.” As a producer, his imprint exhibits a refined sense of purposefulness. He’s fastidious with each detail in the sonic landscape, making sure each flourish and musical idea truly belongs on a track and that there’s no filler. He likens this approach to a well-directed movie where each scene has a clear intent

    Scott offers a wide variety of skills and talents to enhance each session. He posses a unique melodic sense, a powerful grasp of song concept development, intuitive lyric refinement abilities, and, of course, he brings into the room his staggeringly diverse instrumental chops. Scott says: “You can sit in a room all day waiting for a muse for inspiration, or I can pull out a hammered dulcimer and it brings out a whole new character to the session; everything is suddenly all new.”

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