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  • Chris Seefried first garnered national attention when Quincy Jones signed his band Gods Child from NYC to Warner Brothers records. Their highest honor came when their single “Everybody’s 1″, charted in two Billboard charts simultaneously, peaking at #18 on the Mainstream Rock chart and #25 on the Modern Rock chart. After two albums with Warner Brothers, Chris moved to LA and started the band Joe 90. Adam Duritz of Counting Crows signed the group to Geffen Records. Their debut record Dream This includes the hit song song “Drive” which was featured as an end title on the HBO hit series “Six Feet Under”. Every song from the record was synched to film or television. Their second album A Raccoons Lunch features “And When I Die”, the end title from the New Line Cinema film Final Destination.
    In between making records and touring as Rosanne Cash’s guitar player, Chris wrote the national campaign for Nabisco Chips Ahoy, which won the Effie Award. Chris started southern California rock band Low Stars, whose debut album co-produced by George Drakoulias was released at Starbucks stores all over the country through Hear Music in 2007. This album features the theme song for ABC television series “What About Brian” penned by Seefried called “Calling All Friends”. That same year Chris wrote and performed the Drive Shaft song “You All Everybody” for the hit ABC television series “Lost” . Chris recorded and produced his solo album debut Denim Blue released in 2008.
    Currently, Chris just finished scoring Michael Cuesta’s latest movie “Roadie” due out in the fall. Fitz and the Tantrums’ full length debut Pickin’ up the Pieces produced and co-written by Chris is due out this summer. Justine Bennett’s ep Heavy Feeling will be coming out May 4th and is produced and co-written by Chris. Jay Nash will be making his second record with Seefried producing in June. Low Stars will be finishing their follow up record.

    Selected Production Discography:
    Gods Child “Everybody”
    Joe 90 “Dream This”, “A Raccoons Lunch”
    Jay Nash “The Things You Think You Need”
    Fitz and the Tantrums “Songs for a breakup Volume 1″
    Joey Ryan “Nebraska”, “Nothin’ but You”
    Gemma Hayes “Head and Heart”
    Capra “Low Day”
    All Star Weekend “Here with You”
    Fitz and the Tantrums “Pickin’ up the Pieces”
    Oren Lavie “Big Bad Wolf”
    Justine Bennett “Heavy Feeling”

    Selected Artist Discography:
    Year Album
    1994 Everybody with Gods Child
    1996 Aluminum with Gods Child
    1999 Dream This with Joe 90
    2000 A Raccoons Lunch with Joe 90
    2007 Low Stars single & bonus track with Low Stars
    2007 Low Stars with Low Stars
    2008 Denim Blue solo album

    Film and Television (scored or had songs in):
    “The Assistants”
    “What about Brian”
    “Men in Trees”
    “Six Feet Under”
    “Final Destination”
    “Sports Night”
    “Twelve and holding”
    “Pushing Tin”
    “Body Shots”
    “Boys and girls”

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  • GenreRock / Pop
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